Department of Business Studies

Head of the Department: Kevti Gakkher Wadhwa
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Business Studies is a broad subject in the Social Sciences, allowing the in-depth study of a range of specialities such as accountancy, finance, organisation and marketing. There are several academic business disciplines. A business study is one particular area within the broader subject area of business. A business study focuses on one aspect of business.

The success combination in business is: Do what you do better. and do more of what you do.

Business studies offer several benefits, both to individuals and the business marketplace as a whole. These studies allow students to receive a higher quality of education in their chosen profession that will better prepare them for their careers. This, consequently, affects the business world positively. When these students obtain their degrees in their specialized areas of concentration, they will bring a higher quality of knowledge to the business world that will reflect in their contributions to their places of employment, thereby raising business standards.