Take a look at the services we provide.

Medical Room:

In case of an emergency to the students, we have medical room to give the complete first aid under supervision of a doctor and an attendant. We have dedicated school van for medication.

Guest Faculty:

Time to time guest faculty of national and international level visit our campus to make our teachers and students aware about global technology and research.


School canteen is open during school hours. There is strict ‘No’ to junk and oily food to being served there. Food offered in school canteen is of high nutrition value. Smooth functioning of canteen, ensuring good quality food preparation, variety and mouth watering dishes are catered under strict supervision.

Seminar & Workshop:

We conduct seminars and workshops for students and teachers to develop skills to deal with modern day challenges with confidence and courage. In seminars, new technologies are introduced which can be catalyst for teaching and learning era.

Library :

School Library has enriched well stock of latest, updated books of various fields. Library has a good collection of more than 12,000 books. It includes books for overall development, recreation, general reading in addition to national and international journals are available.

Transport :

Bus facility is being provided for almost all the routes of Delhi and NCR with proper pick up - drop facility and managed by the efficient administrative staff of the school.

Educational Tours :

School is not only teaching students by the curriculum but also enhancing their personality with educational tours and excursions to various zoological and botanical parks, historical monuments, museums etc.

Career Counselling :

Students are being prepared to make responsible and unique choices to suit individual talent and aptitude. They are guided for their future academic and professional endeavors.