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All over the world people are governed by kings, irrespective of their qualities. From the beginning of the 18th century till today world has witnessed different models of ruling , their country like Nazism , Communism, Totalitarianism model etc. The most common thing in these models is Socialism. Now in today’s world two models of governance i.e capitalism and communism flourish. But the socialism is the heart and soul of model. Today’s society is aspirational for collective good will of society . Awareness about our surroundings is the need of hour. In India the first general election held in 1950, at that time 85% of voters were illiterate . Since 1950 to 2014, most of these elections have agenda of Roti , Kapda Aur Makaan (Food , Cloth And Shelter). Inspite of being enrich mineral resources , our country men have lived a destitute life. But now India is seen as a symbol of soft and hard power as well. Now world is going through the trasnsition phase. This transition phase brings Political Science in the Centre Stage and in an Indian and International Stage.

Political Science deals in the way of scientifically to the Political Scenario. Now the people are at the centre of politics. It empowers and selects people who can raise their voice at regional, centre or world level.The nurturing of person begins from school, if they would be prepared at school level then they can raise their voice and can take responsible positions and manage the different political activities or forces in society for smooth running.

So on the above analysis, we can draw the different objectives of the study of Political Science subject.

  • To promote active participation in world affairs.
  • To develop citizens at their conscious, critical and analytical level.
  • To create leadership qualities at the World or National Level.
  • It could be the best way to resolve conflicts in the society . It can be a platform of conflict resolution.
  • It can spread the universal values regarding humanity i.e brotherhood , unity, non violence ,rationality, peace etc.