Department of Science

Head of the Department: Mrs. Minakshi Ghosh
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“Science teaches what evidence is, what proof is”

Every child has the right to receive knowledge which will help them remain healthy , safe and aware of their multiple dependencies on the environment, develop the skills that will enable them to assess whether the information they receive from the media , advertisers , journalists and politicians is reliable and evidence-based or not and engage them with ideas that help them to assess their own potential life.

The teaching of science offers students the ability to access a wealth of knowledge and information which will contribute to an overall understanding of how and why things work like they do. Science is able to explain the mechanics and reasons behind the daily functioning of complex systems, which range from the human body to sophisticated modern methods of transport. Science provides visible proof of many facts we read about in books or see on the television; this helps to increase understanding and helps children and teenagers to retain that information.

Science instils a sense of intrigue and enables students to develop understanding and form questions based both on the knowledge they already have and the insight they wish to gain in the future.

Hence, we at St. Columbus aim in instilling scientific temperament and motivate the Columbians to take it up as a career of their choice.

Mrs. Minakshi Ghosh has persistently endeavoured to counsel and guide the students in a positive way.