Department of Visual and Performing Arts

Head of Department: Mahesh Arya
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Indian music and dance is a heritage that has evolved through centuries. It is a blend of ritualistic, folk and cultural expression of the Indian sub-continent and represents music of different genres and regions.

Music and dance is a medium to achieve the state of Pure Joy (ANANDA) and Inner Peace (SHANTI), through which we can reach to the ultimate goal of Absolute Bliss (PARAM ANANDA) in the universe (Brahmand) known as BRAHMANANDA.

Music & Dance helps in the overall development of human being i.e. Physically, Mentally, Biologically and Spiritually and this is the reason Music and Dance is considered as e form of YOGA in Indian tradition. Therefore Music and Dance is being taught in Indian sub-continent right from the early times and still part of the Indian education System.